The Art House is a small theatre that shows independent films as well as occasional Hollywood movies that have an "alternative" feel. Art House is working to provide a friendly, stylish casual environment for people who are looking to appreciate the artistry and craft of filmmaking. The seating is unusual for a theatre, with comfy chairs surrounding tables and rather than a concession stand, a gourmet snack menu with refreshments are available. 

The focus for this identity is craftsmanship, which is chosen through the desire for Art House to share the craftsmanship and artistry of creating films. 

The icon is created with using this focus in a more literal sense using the idea of building or construction. The icon is composed of a geometric “A” and “h” to create a house-like shape. This not only contains the first letters of each word, but it is also a literal depiction of the name “house” itself. The letters are merged to create one cohesive shape which creates a simple, casual, modern feeling. The simplicity of the shape allows for it to be used in a variety of ways both digitally and printed. 


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