Evelyn & June is a fashion design company that sells vintage clothing which will either be authentic vintage, or new pieces created from original vintage patterns. The new pieces will be made from "rescued" fabric from factories that are no longer being used and are bound for a landfill. The company will be providing pieces from the 40s-60s for both men and women as an online client base. 

The focus for the identity is to communicate a sense of "living nostalgia".


The logo is designed to mimic the 1940s era through the large E, the script font of Evelyn, and mixing it with two other fonts for the ampersand and June. 

Since one of the most important touchpoints of the brand will be when the package arrives for a customer, the packaging had to have a strong positive impact. Due to Evelyn & June being a small company, the box exterior is left alone, focusing on the inside. 

Any imagery used for the brand is to have a focal point on something that is vintage, but with some sort of human interaction. For example, having an image of someone putting a record on a record player, or having someone leaning into a vintage car. This human interaction will bring the "living" to the "living nostalgia" of the brand. 


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