Green Space is a landscape architecture company focusing on arboriculture, urban ecology, LEED and green roof design. 

The focus for the identity design is for the brand to come across as professional, stylish (but not fussy), and outdoors (but not rustic).


The logo consists of a sleek modern design which is shown through its geometric and simple set up. The icon (a leaf within a leaf) speaks to being naturally focused while still being intentional and orchestrated in its geometric shape. This provides a clean feeling of simplicity, while still being aesthetically pleasing. The leaf within the leaf is a literal representation of the "space" in Green Space. This is also reinforced with the expanded word "space" in the wordmark. 


The colours are a green and grey. The green is a rich colour to contrast against the grey, both literally and metaphorically. The green represents the natural element while the grey represents the urban element of the Green Space brand. 


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