PharmaCare is a fictional brand that sells technology to pharmaceutical companies. The goal for this brochure is to catch the attention of independent pharmacists at an upcoming trade show, to reinforce the PharmaCare brand, and to communicate the message of PharmaCare: that PharmaCare is the best option and it will make their customers lives easier. 

The colour scheme was intentionally chosen with the contrasting colours of blue and orange: blue to connect it with the brand colours, and orange as its complementary colour. Having these complementary colours, the brochure will be easily seen, as the human eye are naturally drawn to complementary colours. 

Large margins, images located at the bottom of the page, and lots of white space are all used to produce a relaxing effect on the reader through a sense of having space, or “room to breathe”. This is to connect to the message being communicated in the text: PharmaCare will make your life easier if you use it. These aspects also help the reader to focus on the text they are reading, instead of being distracted by too many graphics or images.


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