Relish is a lifestyle multimedia, multi-platform HD network service with the core focus on being eco friendly. Bypassing traditional television broadcasting, Relish provides shows directly to their audience through computers, mobile and other online devices. The programs are a wide variety of shows with topics such as fashion, food, lifestyle, travel, home and more. 

The brand identity is focused on providing a fresh, modern, eco-minded feeling. 

In the logo, the icon is to be the main visual component, often being used on its own. It is composed of a water drop and a leaf shape to communicate the freshness of the Relish brand as well as connecting it with food, health and ecology. The clean typography of the wordmark is to bring a clean modern feeling. 

A green is chosen for the automatic connection with being eco-friendly, and the light tone allows it to once again connect it with the freshness of the brand. 


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