This magazine is to be an educational magazine for Canada about different cultures, mainly ones that are outside of North American Western Society. Canada is a very diverse nation, but not many Canadians know the varying cultures beyond surface level. For this first issue of the magazine, the topic is Indigenous music. The focus for this magazine is to come across as sophisticated, educational, and celebratory. 

The title of the magazine is Sorbeo, which is Latin for “to suck in” or “to drink up”. It is chosen for a metaphorical meaning of absorbing knowledge. To visually reflect this, the letters of the logo are brought tight together, being “sucked in”. The logo also is enlarged to bleed off the page as this can reflect the idea of “absorbing the world around”.

A key aspect of the layout are the reoccurring blue bars along the sides (some thick, some thin) that bleed off the page. This is to be an abstraction of the title and purpose of the magazine: to seemingly “suck in” knowledge from the world around and simultaneously share that knowledge again with others by “going out” or bleeding off. It’s a metaphor of a tide. There are several images that also bleed off the page, connecting them with the blue bars for continuity. 

As for colours, the deep blue chosen is to reflect the same as the logo: the idea of “drinking in”. This also connects to the “bleeding” bars, blue being directly connected the tides and coming “in and out”. The darker tone is to provide a sense of sophistication. However, nearly all of the other photos chosen are brightly coloured in order to “celebrate” the varying cultures of the world. 


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