The theme for this stamp series is “The Three Coasts”. Canada is unique in that it is surrounded by three oceans: the Arctic, the Atlantic, and the Pacific. The first three stamps contain one coast, while the fourth stamp incorporates all three coastlines in a map of Canada. 

Each of the “coast” stamps contain iconic aspects of the coastline. The West coast has the Rocky and the Coastal Mountains. The East coast has a lighthouse. The Arctic has an iceberg and the Aurora Borealis. The positions of these items is also intentional as it corresponds to the coast line it represents (ie. the mountains are on the right side to reflect the West coast).

A high contrasting colour scheme of bright orange and a darker blue is chosen in order to capture attention since stamps are small. Some other minor/neutral colours were also incorporated to depict the images being illustrated. 

Fine lines were added within all the shapes in the stamps to create a specific stylized look, one that is unusual to add to stamps. This will add interest for those who wish to collect stamps.


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