The Tiqvah Project

On March 2, my grandpa, "Avo" as we liked to call him, passed away. It was sudden, but not entirely unexpected as he had fought with dementia over the past few years. Later that week, I flew with my family from Toronto to Winnipeg for the funeral. The church was packed, filled with people who had been significantly impacted by him. The few days before and after the funeral were spent with family. Some of whom I haven't seen in years. It was a bittersweet time, but I found that being close to my family helped us bear the burden together. That we weren't alone. 

A week later, our world began shutting down because of the corona virus. 

I began thinking about how lucky I was that we had the chance to have a funeral for Avo. And I began thinking about the people who no longer have that option to come together for healing and closure. 


When I travelled to Winnipeg, I was able to bless my family with a video I put together celebrating Avo's life. It brought a lot of joy for my family, helping us to remember the good times, particularly before my grandpa had dementia. 

I realize that I have a special opportunity to help people in this time where things might be difficult and closure seems to have slipped away because of this required "social distancing". "Tiqvah" means hope and my wish is that I can provide a little bit of hope in this seemingly dark and strange time we find ourselves in. 

What I'm offering is to create videos for people who are looking to heal, connect, or celebrate when it might seem difficult or impossible. This can be for a loved one who has passed, but it can also be for something that you hold dear such as relationships between friends or family or maybe it's a memory that you want to cherish such as a trip you took. 

I'm also aware of the financial difficulties many people are having at this time, so I'm providing my services at a 50% discounted rate



Option A


80 photos, 4 quotes/scriptures/text, total time roughly 7-8 min


$900 normally, $450 with 50% discount

Option B

60 photos, 3 quotes/scriptures/text, total time is roughly 5-6 min

$750 normally, $375 with 50% discount

Option C

40 photos, 2 quotes/scriptures/text, total time is roughly 3.5-4.5 min

$600 normally, $300 with 50% discount

All prices are in Canadian dollars. There may be additional fees depending on client's desires (ex: music, stock photos, etc).


The Intro & Ending

Quotes or Text

The Photos

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If you would like to place an order or you have some questions for me then please shoot me a quick email!

I'll be happy to connect with you and see what we can do!

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